Why is it So?


The fact of Climate Change is indisputable as the two videos following will clearly demonstrate but why is this so and what can we as ordinary people do to halt this destruction of our planet?.



Houston 2017 and Hurricane Harvey

Houston has had a history of tropical storms since its early establishment. The more populated cities become the more devastating the consequences of major storms. There are more surface areas for water and more paved areas for it to collect on. Houston was first established in 1836 . From its establishment to 1873 it had grown to a town of 9000 people by 1890 it became a deep water port thus encouraging the population to grow even further and further exacerbating the risk of  major flood following a storm event. By 1900 it had swelled to 45000 people and with the discovery of oil in the area the population grew even further to be  around 290000 in 1935 when another major hurricane event caused massive damage and it was decided among the  authorities that concerted efforts needed to be undertaken to avert the effects of flood damage and so the Harris County Flood Control District was established. This worked relatively well for over 60 years then came the 21st century and  the city continued to grow with  more hurricanes hitting the region

Everything seemed to be going along OK until along came Alison in 2001  knocking out  businesses and hospitals. There were over 70,000 homes damaged, 95,000 vehicles damaged, and 23 fatalities.

Today Houstons’ population of 2 million people face a major catastrophe following the fury of hurricane Harvey. We don’t yet know the overall cost in loss of property and livelihoods and in fact life itself.

  • Is this the result of climate change or is it just plain stupidity building such a large city in a hurricane prone area?.
  • Why was the city allowed to grow so large when it had already suffered from several hurricanes?.
  • What is the cost of building several smaller urban areas over an area rather than one concentrated urban area?
  • What is the cost of moving the city altogether?

I don’t know why Harvey happened but I do know it will happen again and again because Houston is built in an area prone to tropical storms.

But just to get you thinking a little more about the who, what, why and wherefore I’d like to suggest some further research re Cloud Seeding and Haarp.

I would not dare to say these were the reasons behind the Houston disaster because that would mean somebody would have to be accountable. As it is we can just call it a natural disaster and for the sake of the people living there just pray that their insurance companies are willing to pay.

Looking at the weather map now with 3 hurricanes moving along a similar path at the same time and an earthquake registering 8.1 in Mexico one has to wonder if this is normal or the consequences of  our environment, our ionsphere being tampered with.

Please use the comment space below to share your thoughts . I’d love to hear from you.  I don’t want to be thought of as a conspiracy theorist but I do want to know what is going on with our world.  If it is more than us pawns on the planet  wreaking havoc then we need to take action and speak out.

What do you think?



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