Contrails or Chemtrails and Weather

Contrails  or are they chemtrails and the impact on our weather and environment is an issue which has come to my attention in recent weeks. I have a son who has been particularly concerned about them, he calls them chem trails.
Because of his concern I decided to look into it and so a Google search followed.
In doing so I just came across the video below and if anyone has the time to watch it through I would be very interested to hear your thoughts on it. I watched it through and it was quite an eye opener.

This woman has done a lot of work and research over a number of years making her very credible. What do you think? The video goes for over an hour so you need to make a coffee and set aside some time to see it through. It will challenge your thinking and possibly spark some debate. The video was taken down so here is another. You can do your own research and you will be surprised.


Are Chemtrails Real?

John O Brennan from the Central Intelligence Agency gave a presentation in which he discussed the issue of chemtrails and their intended purpose, he claims for combatting climate change. They can spread particles into the air which will deflect the suns heat and thus reduce the effect of global warming. He also says they can manipulate the weather to the advantage of some and to disadvantage others.

Whilst the given explanations are noble to me it sounds a lot like we are trying to play God with the weather and I do not agree with that.

There are various names given to the process of spraying chemicals into the air, they are geo engineering, stratospheric aerosol injection or solar radiation management or as some would call it , chemtrails.

I do not want to give credence to all the conspiracy theorists but the side effects of Governments or military trying to play God for whatever reason they give can have a catastrophic effect on our climate.

This  morning I listened to a talk by Peter Kirby which I found to be extremely interesting and worth consideration. Peter has done a lot of research over a number of years and seems to know his subject really well. You can view the interview here and in it you will see a short excerpt of a talk by John Brennan as head of the CIA.

I know scientists have debunked a lot of the claims about chemtrails saying they are just conspiracy theorists causing alarm but there is no doubt there is something happening which is under the guise of managing climate change and it is having a negative impact on world weather.

Peter Kirby is extremely credible and has done his research so I think we owe it to him to listen and at least consider the possibilities of what he is suggesting.

Take a look at the interview here and decide for yourself.


If you are interested to find out more the following books will be helpful and will provide you with some  credible and well research information.


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