Changing the world to secure our future

Over the past few years we have been bombarded with concerns for the future of the world and the impact climate change is having and could have.

However, there is hope. People are being really creative in devising ways to alleviate the problems we face.

Our cities are a major problem and contributor to climate change and as they continue to expand with growing population the problem only gets worse. The congestion on city roads is not just a major cause of stress and wasted time and productivity but it also causes a great deal of carbon emissions to be released into the atmosphere which we in turn breathe and then suffer the consequences of in health issues.

We were driving home from Melbourne just yesterday and had to contend with heavy traffic. The weird thing was looking at the full moon above we could see it immersed in a thick haze. It gave it an eery appearance which we never see in the countryside where we live. It was then that I thought about this thick air hanging over the city and reflected on the blessings of living in a rural area with beautiful clean air. However, I also spared a thought for our city cousins who live within a polluted environment

Some cities are making a concerted effort to reduce the amount of toxic air above the city by creating vertical gardens.

Mexico city has been one such city where they are transforming dull gray structures into living walls of greenery which will not only beautify the city but clean the air.

The added benefit is that it improves peoples modes and general well-being.

Transforming Cities

As buildings get taller and there are more and more of them the air gets thicker unless we stop, re think and redesign to accommodate more plant life and green spaces to soak up all the carbon emissions.

The followingvideo shows what Milan is doing to respond to the problem. They are creating urban jungles but they are also creating a solution to pollution.

The idea of vertical gardens is taking off in many cities around the world which in turn will transform our world and the air we breathe and may reduce significantly the rate of climate change effects.

Beautifying and Healing Our Cities

We can all play a part in creating green areas to sequest carbon. Every house block can plant some trees, every rooftop can have a garden, every wall could double as a solar panel to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels. We can all ensure the next car we buy is electric or an emission free vehicle.

We can cut down on waste and compost all the food waste in community garden composters.

Where we live in the country we may have animals grazing which are blamed for some of the pollution but we offset that by planting thousands of trees on our farms for several reasons, among them to reduce the impact on climate and to create a more livable and beautiful environment for all to enjoy. Even growing grass to feed the animals can sequest a great deal of the carbon dioxide in the air.

We are trying to keep our farms sustainable through ethical and green farming practices. It is up to people living in urban areas to do their bit to help reduce the effects of pollutants into the atmosphere by adopting a green mind set.

It needs to be a collaborative effort from people all around the world but it starts with one person at a time and one person at a time we can change the world for all.


Things we can do to help.

Another big issue we face with increasing populations is increasing waste; this will be dealt with in another post:

If you have some thoughts you would like to share please leave them in the comments below. I really appreciate your input into a very serious issue which concerns us all.

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