A Hot Bed Under Antarctica. New Discovery!

A Hot Bed Under Antarctica !


Antarctica is the worlds largest area of icy wasteland. The ice contains about 90 percent of  the earths fresh water.

It acts as a massive heat sink and  drives the world’s oceanic circulation. Antarctica therefore  is a fundamental part of the Earth’s climate.It has been in the science news this past week  that there is an increasing amount of warming from beneath the ice  and this is an anomaly which is concerning climate scientists.

It seems the ice on the western side of Antarctica is being warmed from below. This is causing more rapid ice melts and a rise in sea level.  Some scientists are bewildered that it is possible to have ice on top and heat underneath.

This is a normal process where Earth’s internal heat is constantly warming up the ground above .This partially melts the ice from below, but snow and ice accumulation on top is usually enough to balance out these losses. However with computer data modelling it has been found that this melting , particularly on the western end is more drastic than it was first thought.

What is Going on Below?

In a bid to try and figure out what was causing the melt and to determine the extent of it scientists have  drilled  into the ice taking core samples and done seismic imaging from which they have discovered a vast system of sub glacial rivers and lakes. This water helps to make the movement of ice sheets  more fluid.  It is in the areas where there is more sub glacial water that the ice is melting at a greater rate.

Recent research has also discovered there is significant volcanic activity beneath Antarctica hidden beneath the thick layers of ice. There appears to be more volcanic activity in recent times and scientists are not sure why this is so.  They have found the source of the magma which is fueling the geothermal activity causing large sections of ice to melt. Some of the ice is up to 4.5 km thick so scientists are baffled as to why the heat source beneath is not preventing the ice from building up. 
Mount Erebus is an Antarctic volcano — one of the few that we knew about before a new study found dozens more under the ice. (Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images) From Washington Post

What if some of those volcanoes erupt?

According to the Washington Post scientists have discovered about 91 previously unknown volcanoes deep below the ice in Antarctica.  It also noted that one of the biggest icebergs in recorded history has just recently broken loose from the mass of ice.  There are concerns that with global warming causing the ice to melt from above,  it could cause instability and  a consequent volcanic eruption.  Previously it was known that there were a few volcanoes such as the well known Mount Erebus which holds a lake of glowing lava but new research undertaken  and instigated by a young geology student and some others found there to be up to 200 cones.

The phenomenon  is that it seems inexplicable that there be so much warmth underneath the ice which is having little impact on the amount of ice.  The ice that is melting and breaking away appears to be more from warming above than below. You can’t help but wonder what would happen if even one of those volcanoes beneath Antarctica were to erupt. I imagine it would have a profound impact on ocean currents to start, then sea level rising would cause further problems. Many forms of life known to exist in the Antarctic ocean would die from heat stress.

There is so much we do not know or understand about our planet.

It  demonstrates the fact that there is so much more that we really do not know or understand about our planet earth.  We know that we have been through ice ages and varying types and rates of climate change before. The big question is, for us now, what is causing it now and what can we do to prevent and reverse the damage?.

However if nature has its own agenda there is little we can do to avoid climate change and the consequences of it.

If on the other hand if it is caused by human activity then we need to look seriously at our role in it and what we can do as individuals and as nations.

What do you think?

If you believe that the anomalies we are seeing in climatic behavior right now are  the result of geo- engineering or meddling then we need to act to put pressure on the Governments who are pursuing it.  I personally think that whatever is happening in our polar regions is just part of a cycle and it will go through change then return, to its original position, a bit ike a pendulum on a clock. It will rock back and forth for a time then settle. We might get shaken around a little with some strange weather patterns and effects but it will come to rest.

Please share your thoughts. I am not a climate scientist, just a farmer who happens to be interested in what is happening on the climate front.  To concern ourselves overly with the consequences of climate change will be depressing, but to work together to take care of our world will give us a sense of pride and security for the future.


The Washington Post

Forbes Science.



Contrails or Chemtrails and our weather

Contrails or Chemtrails and Weather

Contrails  or are they chemtrails and the impact on our weather and environment is an issue which has come to my attention in recent weeks. I have a son who has been particularly concerned about them, he calls them chem trails.
Because of his concern I decided to look into it and so a Google search followed.
In doing so I just came across the video below and if anyone has the time to watch it through I would be very interested to hear your thoughts on it. I watched it through and it was quite an eye opener.

This woman has done a lot of work and research over a number of years making her very credible. What do you think? The video goes for over an hour so you need to make a coffee and set aside some time to see it through. It will challenge your thinking and possibly spark some debate.



There is a possibility this will be taken down so watch it while you can.
Here is another shorter video for your consideration

Are Chemtrails Real?

John O Brennan from the Central Intelligence Agency gave a presentation in which he discussed the issue of chemtrails and their intended purpose, he claims for combatting climate change. They can spread particles into the air which will deflect the suns heat and thus reduce the effect of global warming. He also says they can manipulate the weather to the advantage of some and to disadvantage others.

Whilst the given explanations are noble to me it sounds a lot like we are trying to play God with the weather and I do not agree with that.

There are various names given to the process of spraying chemicals into the air, they are geo engineering, stratospheric aerosol injection or solar radiation management or as some would call it , chemtrails.

I do not want to give credence to all the conspiracy theorists but the side effects of Governments or military trying to play God for whatever reason they give can have a catastrophic effect on our climate.

This  morning I listened to a talk by Peter Kirby which I found to be extremely interesting and worth consideration. Peter has done a lot of research over a number of years and seems to know his subject really well. You can view the interview here and in it you will see a short excerpt of a talk by John Brennan as head of the CIA.

I know scientists have debunked a lot of the claims about chemtrails saying they are just conspiracy theorists causing alarm but there is no doubt there is something happening which is under the guise of managing climate change and it is having a negative impact on world weather.

Peter Kirby is extremely credible and has done his research so I think we owe it to him to listen and at least consider the possibilities of what he is suggesting.

Take a look at the interview here and decide for yourself.


If you are interested to find out more the following books will be helpful and will provide you with some  credible and well research information.


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Climate Change in Australia.

How Does Climate Change Affect People:

The Evidence of Climate Change in the Farm Sector.

As farmers we are very aware of the weather and  any changes in the climate. We can no longer draw up our budgets based on the assumption that the climate will remain static, and perform according to a set pattern. It is very unpredictable.

We have witnessed some years of severe drought with unprecedented periods of dry, hot temperatures. We have had to buy in feed from other areas to maintain our stock , all the time hoping that the drought would break and we would again have feed for the cattle. We watch the bank balance go down as feed bills increase, and we cannot sell the cattle because they are in poor condition and not suitable for butchers.

Restockers don’t want them either as they too are unable to feed them. Its a difficult and heart wrenching time. Some farmers are unable to meet their financial commitments and before  long the banks start foreclosing. Some farmers are unable to cope with the stigma of failing financially and end up shooting all their stock then taking their own lives.

These are really tough times and times that most city folks would not fully appreciate.  We have been through these times and survived but many farmers cannot deal with the emotional stress of  stock in poor condition, escalating debt and no income.

Farmers take a great deal of pride in how they keep their animals and the state of their pasture which is being grown to feed their stock. When a severe drought hits, he can manage for a time but then when the grass disappears, the water supply dries up and the animals begin to die it all gets to be far too much.

Bank managers are often little upstarts from city back grounds who have no concept whatsoever of what these businesses are going through.  They want their money no matter what, but the farmer cannot draw an income because the stock become unsaleable.  The bank moves in, puts a sign on the gate and tells the farmer to leave then sells the farm for way less than its true value.  This was remember his pride and joy, something he worked hard for only to have a freak drought take it all.

Meanwhile  people have to pay more for their food because there is not enough to meet demand  so the affects of climate change move beyond the farm gate.

Yes if you want to know if climate change is real just ask an Aussie farmer.

My hubby, a real Aussie farmer.


The Evidence for Climate Change in the Bush:

Over  recent years Australia has experienced far more devastating bush fires than ever before.

The Black Saturday bush fires of 2009 saw 173 people lose their lives and  thousands of homes and businesses destroyed. Fire has always been a part of the Australian history, but recent fires have been with so much more intensity and do incredibly more damage.

The increasing global temperatures have exacerbated the intensity of bush fires in Australia. It has been calculated by NASA that the incidence of  bush fires in Australia has increased by 40% and is set to triple in the future.

Since then strict building regulations have come into place to ensure better safety for homes built in or near bush fire prone areas. This has meant an added cost and some people have chosen not to rebuild because they simply cannot afford the extra costs. Evidence for climate change is all around us manifesting in many different ways, but always with a huge impact on the people living in the areas being affected.  There is therefore no question that climate change is real.


.This picture which was posted on Pinterest  indicates the damage caused by those fires.


A really good site I came across concerning climate change in Australia is here : Climate change real

This clearly demonstrates the evidence of Climate Change across Australia  over recent years.

The site was developed by the Australian Government in conjunction with the CSIRO and has some very up to date data on climate change in Australia and well worth taking a look at if you are interested in facts on climate change.

Floods of  of unprecedented volumes and intensity:

Over  recent times floods and damage from cyclones seem to have increased markedly in their volume, and intensity, causing more damage than ever before. This may well be because we have developed areas beyond a sustainable level so that the increased roof area ( catchment) exacerbates the amount of water being collected turning streets into fast flowing  rivers and washing away everything in its path.  The consequent damage then is magnified almost beyond belief.

Australia has always been a land of droughts and flooding rains but the massive loss of life of both people and livestock and the property damage seem to be increasing.


These photos were taken of the Queensland floods in 2011.  The impact and devastation to property cannot be underestimated. The cost of disasters like this has  a crippling effect on the economy.

Are these the consequence of climate change or are they the consequence of how we have altered our environment?

We are being encouraged on every front to reduce carbon emissions, to take care of  our energy resources  but I wonder whether most of the devastation could be avoided if we thought more about town planning,  where urban areas are located and the provision for massive amounts of water to escape.

I do not question that we are seeing changes in our climate but there are a lot more factors at play than just human impact.  The universe is huge, the earth is just a spot in the whole spectrum of things. Surely a few carbon emissions could escape into the beyond..  There are thousands of aeroplanes crossing our skies on a daily basis, where are all the fumes from aviation fuel going?

I wonder if some of the alarm over climate change is not being perpetrated by some multi national alternative energy companies who stand to make huge profits by promoting renewable energy  solutions. Yes changes in climate are definitely taking place but why?

I have in a previous, post suggested weather manipulation may have something to answer for. To interfere with weather events causing them to be more extreme than they otherwise would have been creates a sense of fear and urgency and prepares the people to comply with another agenda not yet obvious.

In conclusion:

Climate change is real,  the effects of climate change is obvious but the facts of climate change are not so clear.    

I want to know and I am sure you would like to know if  it is us ordinary humans beings trying to live a relatively comfortable life on planet earth  who are causing the  dramatic changes we see in our climate globally or is it something far bigger than us.

Is it the multi nationals with an agenda to make huge amounts of money by creating such alarm and convincing us that we need all these alternative solutions for energy.

Is it  war mongering governments with an agenda to experiment with weather manipulation  to create havoc, reduce population, or control whole areas to their own advantage?  I stated in another post that whoever can control the worlds climate can control the world. They do not need nuclear weapon? If they can create a drought or a hurricane or an earthquake  they can achieve the same result without contamination by radioactivity.

Have your say

What do you think please leave your thoughts below? Do some research yourself and come back with your conclusions. I would love to hear others thoughts on these things. 






Controlling the weather


Why is it So?


The fact of Climate Change is indisputable as the two videos following will clearly demonstrate but why is this so and what can we as ordinary people do to halt this destruction of our planet?.



Houston 2017 and Hurricane Harvey

Houston has had a history of tropical storms since its early establishment. The more populated cities become the more devastating the consequences of major storms. There are more surface areas for water and more paved areas for it to collect on. Houston was first established in 1836 . From its establishment to 1873 it had grown to a town of 9000 people by 1890 it became a deep water port thus encouraging the population to grow even further and further exacerbating the risk of  major flood following a storm event. By 1900 it had swelled to 45000 people and with the discovery of oil in the area the population grew even further to be  around 290000 in 1935 when another major hurricane event caused massive damage and it was decided among the  authorities that concerted efforts needed to be undertaken to avert the effects of flood damage and so the Harris County Flood Control District was established. This worked relatively well for over 60 years then came the 21st century and  the city continued to grow with  more hurricanes hitting the region

Everything seemed to be going along OK until along came Alison in 2001  knocking out  businesses and hospitals. There were over 70,000 homes damaged, 95,000 vehicles damaged, and 23 fatalities.

Today Houstons’ population of 2 million people face a major catastrophe following the fury of hurricane Harvey. We don’t yet know the overall cost in loss of property and livelihoods and in fact life itself.

  • Is this the result of climate change or is it just plain stupidity building such a large city in a hurricane prone area?.
  • Why was the city allowed to grow so large when it had already suffered from several hurricanes?.
  • What is the cost of building several smaller urban areas over an area rather than one concentrated urban area?
  • What is the cost of moving the city altogether?

I don’t know why Harvey happened but I do know it will happen again and again because Houston is built in an area prone to tropical storms.

But just to get you thinking a little more about the who, what, why and wherefore I’d like to suggest some further research re Cloud Seeding and Haarp.

I would not dare to say these were the reasons behind the Houston disaster because that would mean somebody would have to be accountable. As it is we can just call it a natural disaster and for the sake of the people living there just pray that their insurance companies are willing to pay.

Looking at the weather map now with 3 hurricanes moving along a similar path at the same time and an earthquake registering 8.1 in Mexico one has to wonder if this is normal or the consequences of  our environment, our ionsphere being tampered with.

Please use the comment space below to share your thoughts . I’d love to hear from you.  I don’t want to be thought of as a conspiracy theorist but I do want to know what is going on with our world.  If it is more than us pawns on the planet  wreaking havoc then we need to take action and speak out.

What do you think?




Can the Weather be Controlled?

Is Climate Change for Real or is it Manufactured?

Sure we can all see the evidence of extreme weather right around the globe. But why is it happening and why at this point of time in history?

I have been looking at this question for some time now.

I know we have a responsibility to look after this earth that God has given us charge of.  But is there something  else going on that we are being distracted from seeing and commenting on.

I was very sceptical of Al Gore when he first started tripping around in his Lear Jet  warning people of the threat of global warming and climate change, all the while his own personal home is consuming 21 times more fuel than the average  American home. Al Gores mansion used 230,889 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity during the past 12 months

When I read that I immediately felt distrust for the man and his proclamations of the need to curb carbon emissions and do something about the changes taking place on the climate front.

The world started to really take notice following Al Gores film release of Inconvenient Truth but how can we believe this man who has since that time used the screen of Climate Change to amass   huge personal wealth.

Take a look at the following clip from You Tube

Climate Change

Where Tucker Carlson reveals the hypocrisy of some of the wealthiest advocates for action on Climate Change.

I started to look into what else apart from us little people who are just trying to survive the best way we can in this crazy world could be contributing or even intentionally causing Climate Change.

What about the possibility of countries using weather manipulation as a weapon of war?

China, Russia and the USA  are all developing ways of manipulating the weather. Have you thought that any country which can successfully control the worlds weather can in fact control the world. They would have the power to decide who gets rain and who gets drought and earthquakes and tsunamis and hurricanes etc could all be determined by weather manipulation.

Geoengineering techniques range from cloud seeding, in which chemicals are sprayed by planes trigger rainfall, to shooting mirrors into space to reflect sunlight and cool the Earth.

America has Haarp

HAARP is the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program funded by multiple branches of the US military, the University of Alaska, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Headquartered in Gakona, Alaska, HAARP credits itself with studying the use of ionospheric enhancement for the benefits of increased radio communications and increased security with better surveillance due to their research.   The potential  for mass-weaponry threats capable by ionospheric manipulation are the true motivations behind the  research.

In an interview published in the report “Air Force Admits Weather Control via HAARP and New Tech, ” David Walker, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Science, Technology and Engineering factually states that the Air Force has taken over the HAARP project. They will then be proceeding to manage the ionosphere, which was the original purpose of HAARP. The HAARP would be used to inject energy into the ionosphere and thus allow control over it.


China’s has revealed its radical $168 million weather control system :The plan is to boost rain and snow for an area double the size of FRANCE and has been given a green light.

  • Program will rely on 4 new planes, 8 upgraded craft, 897 rocket launch devices
  • It will also use 1,856 devices connected to digital control systems, officials say
  • Project will take 3 years, will increase precipitation in an area of 960,000 sq km

Chinese research into weather control dates back to 1958. In 2008, the government-run weather modification program hit the headlines when they announced they could control the climate ahead of the summer Olympic Games.   The Chinese government reportedly launched thousands of specially designed rockets into the sky in Beijing to stop it raining during the opening ceremony.

The program is said to employ up to 35,000 people across China, who are paid to handle anti-aircraft guns and rocket launchers.

These weapons supposedly fire pellets containing silver iodide into the clouds. Silver iodide is thought to concentrate moisture and cause rain, a process known as cloud seeding. This technique was first discovered by an American woman named Joanne Simpson  back in the 1960’s.



Recent cloud formations over the Russian town of Syktyvkar, have been brought to the attention of the world thanks to the use of social media. The rare-occurring clouds captured in the photos shared by town residents have raised suspicions of not only UFO researchers but weapons intelligence observers as well.


Then the agenda to depopulate the world

The following is a clip of Bill Gates being interviewed by CNN’s Sanjay Gupta about his foundation’s vaccination efforts:

Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Ten billion dollars over the next 10 years to make it “the year of the vaccines.” What does that mean exactly?

Bill Gates: Over this decade, we believe unbelievable progress can be made, in both inventing new vaccines and making sure they get out to all the children who need them. […] we only need about six or seven more — and then you would have all the tools to reduce childhood death, reduce population growth, and everything — the stability, the environment — benefits from that.

Agenda 21 was United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Division for Sustainable Development and was apparently developed as a means of restructuring the world population to lessen environmental impact and achieve an improved quality of life. One of the main ways of achieving this,  is through encouraged and direct depopulation.


.For centuries  in developed and autocratic nations and societies, people who dared to speak the truth would be ridiculed and held in contempt   for standing against the promoted government  ideology of the time. The general public are led to believe that they have a choice when in fact they are being controlled by what the authorities want them to know and believe, they are being fed by lies disguised as truth.

It is like that now with the debate on Climate change. If you don’t think and act the way the authorities want you to you risk being mocked and ridiculed. So people who are not fully convinced about the reality of climate change being as a consequence of human behaviors  are reluctant to share that view.

I believe climate change is real but I do not believe it is all as a consequence of human activity.

We are being sold a lie to cover up a master plan to control the pawns( ordinary people)  and to fill the pockets of multi national companies and individuals who have a financial interest in the the whole notion of Climate Change.

I think we need to question these proclaimers of imminent doom being caused by climate change.  If climate change is real and I believe it is then I am happy to do my bit but are we being  manipulated?.

How much of a difference can we really make when these moguls continue to fly around the world in their fuel guzzling learjets.

Do they have a vested interest in technologies to combat climate change?.  Eg the internet , global positioning technology, microchipping, robotics.

Are they themselves living according to the same rules they expect ordinary citizens to live by?

Do they stand to profit substantially from promoting Climate as an urgent need for a change to alternative energy sources and what is their personal stake in them? eg in Wind turbines, solar panels, batteries for storing power, cars that do not require fossil fuels

Are you game to ask these questions  and speak up or will you too be led along by the masses  

Take a  look at the video clip and then dare to speak your opinion.

Climate Change Really?


Whoever can control the worlds climate can control the world. They can decide who eats and who does not, who dies of dehydration and who lives. This is the most effective form of weaponry which will bring the worlds population to its knees if it is implemented.




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